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Rosewood Corniche

Rosewood Corniche

Jeddah, KSA, 17 June, 2013: Rosewood Corniche launched a new ‘Suite Deal’ promotion in partnership with the renowned haute couture designer Manar Al Rawi at a glamourous event to celebrate the launch of her 2013 abaya collection.


Designed exclusively for female guests, the new ‘suite deal’  package includes a chauffeur driven BMW sedan to the exclusive Manar Al Rawi showroom in Stars Avenue Mall for a one hour uninterrupted, private shopping experience. 


“Our new special suite package is a way to welcome our female guests and offer them a unique shopping experience where they can browse at ease with their friends,” said Hans Peter-Leitzke, Managing Director of Rosewood Corniche. “Our main objective at Rosewood Corniche is to make our guests feel valued and this new initiative is a way for us to pamper our guests and make them feel special.


“Supporting a talented designer such as Manar Al Rawi is an ideal fit for the hotel.  Her designs are highly creative and original, with a focus on unique long-lasting style and appeal. She strives to bring out her customer’s singular style, making her feel special and confident.”


The event was hosted and sponsored by Rosewood Corniche which is lending its support to the talented designer as she continues to carve a niche for herself among Saudi Arabia’s fashion elite while attracting attention from leading global fashion houses and buyers.   

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